Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Weather And Your Joints

While we wait for spring to arrive (or in the fall as we transition to winter), the weather is very changeable. Some days are are warm, but other days have rain, wind and cold as nature transitions us to the next season.

 Many people experience joint pain when the rain and cold fluctuates.  Science has demonstrated that people's joint pain is adversely affected by the weather. The study found a connection between temperature, barometric pressure, and joint pain. As barometric pressure falls (like before and during a storm), the pressure inside the joints changes, which may impact your nerve endings around those joints, by becoming more sensitive and causing pain. Further, some people theorize that mood and daily activity can also be factors for increasing pain. Bad weather definitely affects people's mood. When the weather is bad, people tend to stay inside and not exercise. Exercise has been shown to keep arthritis pain down.

Unfortunately, we cannot control the weather, so here are a few tips to keep joint pain under control when the bad weather hits.  First, try to stay warm.  This means dressing for it and keeping your living space draft free and warm. Maybe consider using a dehumidifier to take the dampness out.

Warm compresses can address the physical pain. Since pain wears on the body, treat your body with a little TLC (tender, loving care) to help it resist the changes instead of suffering..  This means getting extra rest, eating warm foods that are easier for the body to digest and having spices that take down inflammatory responses.  Spices like ginger, turmeric, cumin and boswellia are Ayurvedic suggestions for this.

The best way to minimize these flare ups is to keep your body in good working shape.  Prevention through a healthy lifestyle makes the body resilient and less susceptible to weather changes.

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