Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What Time of Day Does Your Fatigue Come?

If you are thinking that you are fatigued all of the time, then you may need to consider whether you have an illness or medical condition that is making you feel this way.  However, for most people there seems to be a time of the day when their energy tends to wane and they have a hard time pushing forward.

Ayurveda teaches as does science that all living beings have a circadian rhythm. A circadian rhythm is a 24 hour cycle in the physiological processes of living things that direct it to the best time to take care of its basic survival needs. For a human being this means sleeping, eating, activity, etc.  Ayurveda divides the 24 clock by dosha (body energy types that affect health and function). Working our own body clock around these times is what will benefit us the most, no matter what our own dominant dosha is. There are times in the day when one particular dosha is prominent, so working with that natural rhythm, is what is the most beneficial for us.

If your fatigue comes in the late morning as kapha time is ebbing away, you need to build your solid core energy better.  This means a breakfast with protein and a fiber that is not grain based which can hold your energy until lunch time. Also, starting the day off with a little exercise or movement will start a good rhythm for your body.

If your fatigue comes around mid afternoon, which is as pitta time is leaving, this means you are overdoing it or your digestion is off. Some people look for a quick energy boost with sugar or caffeine.  Your lunch should have been substantial enough to stabilize your energy.  If it is not, you may have weak digestion which makes you tired. Food gives immediate energy, so people reach for stimulants.  This is a bad idea because it will only spike your system, leaving it to crash later. Eat a healthy lunch, avoiding too many refined carbs. Further, take a quiet, short break to recharge yourself naturally. A walk out in nature or some meditation will revive you in a better, more substantial way.

If your fatigue comes in the early evening as vata time is ending, this means you need to get more sleep.  Your body is tired and you should go sleep early.  Taking the time to go to sleep in the evening will build your strength in a long term way and you will be healthier and accomplish more during the day and not need to work as much in the evening. Balance is important, and allowing time for work, rest, eating and social bonding is necessary for true health.

Ayurveda looks to treat the root cause of a problem, and that is why noticing when your fatigue comes and what you crave is a good way to begin healing yourself.

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