Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Craving Sugar? You Can Blame It On Your Gene

Some people have a harder time saying no to sweets, while others can take it or leave it. Why is it people react so differently to the very same sugary snacks?  It seems that it's not just our taste buds but it is in our genes.  People with certain gene variants of GLUT2 seem to prefer sweet foods and drinks which puts them at risk for becoming overweight and developing cardiovascular disease and metabolic disorders like diabetes.

People might be thinking what is a person to do?  After all, my genes made me do it is the perfect excuse.  It may initially feel that way until someone becomes overweight, imbalanced and manifesting illness.  Ayurveda offers a solution based on how it treats individuals not people with a general guideline and one size fits all suggestion.

Kapha is one of the three main body types (doshas) in Ayurveda.  It is sourced from the elements of water and earth, manifesting with its principle of stabilizing energy, structure and immunity.  Ayurveda counsels kapha to eat of the tastes of bitter, pungent and astringent to remain balanced and very small amounts of the tastes of sweet, salty and sour are recommended as those tastes tend to be heavier, grounding and building.  Kapha being the energy of stabilization and structure does not need to become more of that.  Rather, it needs to be balanced in its function without becoming heavy and/or too big.

Eating foods that are better for its type will help kapha remain balanced and not become addicted or excessive to the sweet taste.  Add other balancing lifestyle recommendations for kapha like movement and change will further strengthen the ability of the kapha type to make lifestyle choices that positively maximize their special, unique gifts rather than becoming too heavy or solid.

The desire for the thing that will harm us means we are out of balance. A balanced, happy person is usually able to make the right choices for health, energy and happiness.  If you are craving sugar or anything else that makes you feel out of control, talk to an Ayurvedic health practitioner to take the small steps that will add up to big changes, freedom and balance.

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