Monday, August 15, 2016

Feeling In A Funk? A Few Quick Tips

We all have bad days, bad weeks, or even bad months.  Sometimes it feels like we are trapped in a bad movie or circumstances we wish we didn't have.  It can be hard to find the way out of a bad mood.  The main thing is to focus on shifting the energy. Can I get myself to think about something else and get distracted?  This should not be done with alcohol, food or drugs.  There are many natural, easy things to do that can take you out of the negative slump.  A little perspective change can do wonders.

Shifting the mood requires two types of actions. One is taking new action. The second is stopping negative action.  Even if one can't take initiative for something new, there is tremendous power and victory in stopping the negative.

First, stop feeling bad about feeling in a bad mood.  We are human and it is impossible to be positive all the time.  Instead, allow yourself to be present with your emotions, label the negative emotion (anger, sadness, fear, etc) and let it move through you. Just feel it and it will pass in a couple of minutes.  You may still be aware of the negative feeling but it won't feel like that gut wrenching power it originally had.  Avoiding a feeling is the perfect way to make sure it stays with you.

Second, stop bringing up the problem to everyone you are friends with rather than just confiding in a special confidante.  This magnifies it and lets it suck up your energy. A bad situation may make you angry. Label and feel the anger. Next, focus on what you can do rather than on how bad it is.  Even if the only thing you can do is get through the day, feel pride in that. There is power in carrying on without needing to bring other people into the story.

Third,  Lose your expectations of how things should be.  We are not in charge and feeling entitled to a certain result only brings negativity and disappointment.  Instead of feeling like a victim, be grateful for what is positive in your life and appreciate it.  This is very important.

Fourth, get out in nature and boost your mood.  It is one of the quickest ways to turn everything around.  If you exercise by doing a brisk walk or taking a bike ride, you have found nirvana. Ayurveda recommends going outside the first thing in the morning with the rising sun for depression and mood elevation.

Fifth, stop the thinking and ruminating.  Just do something. It can be cooking, coloring, reading a book or cleaning a closet, but it stops the affront of negative thoughts.

You can shift your funk, and you can even feel happy.

Stay healthy & well,

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