Monday, December 21, 2009

Exercise Makes You Hungry

Sorry, I am not going to tell you exercise is bad just because it makes you hungry.  A study conducted by Dr. Neil King and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed the overweight and obese participants in the study who began an exercise program for the study were hungrier for breakfast but more satisfied with less food than they were before becoming active.  The physical activity revved up hunger, but the body's sensitivity to fullness was also boosted.  The results seem confusing.
Ayurveda has an explanation for this result.  The answer is agni, which means digestion.  A sign of healthy agni is an appetite for food.  Eating when hungry promotes optimal digestion so the nutrients from the food can actually nourish the body.  People lacking appetite have a weaker digestion.  Another sign of good digestion is the ability to feel full after a reasonable amount of food.  The body has a natural intelligence to know when enough food has been consumed.  People who have difficulty feeling satisfied are showing their is agni is off.
Exercise helps remove toxins, promotes circulation and generally strengthens the body so it can function optimally.  Hungry because of exercise?  That's good.
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