Thursday, April 29, 2010

Going To Sleep To Lose Weight

Many people want to lose weight and there are many obstacles people encounter.  One of the biggest issues is self control or appetite for food.  If someone feels hungry, it is hard to cut down on the quantity of food eaten.  Less food means less calories which translates to weightloss.

A study conducted by Dr. Laurent Brondel of the European Center for Taste Sciences in Dijon, France investigated how less sleep makes people more hungry.  The study found that young men of normal weight consumed 560 more calories when they had gotten four hours of sleep the night before compared to when they slept for eight hours.

Most people agree that sleep is a good thing, but many people tend to skimp on their sleep.  Sleep helps our bodies function properly by allowing many recovery processes to occur.  Sleep is very important to a person's health.

Next time you are thinking about staying up too late, think about the extra pounds you will put on from your increased appetite.  Hitting your pillow is easier than hitting the gym to offset your extra appetite.

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