Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You Are A Superstar

The reason why I undertook the study of Ayurveda is because it focuses on the individual.  Each person is unique with their own special talents and purpose.  The purpose presents joys and challenges that are suited for a person's growth.  Unfortunately, along the way people lose their focus.  Rather than rising to the occasion for their purpose, people start to compare themselves to other people.  They may look at other people's accomplishments and talents which makes them feel inadequate.  A person may lose their motivation to try at all.  After all, if he cannot accomplish what the other guy has, then why try at all.

This phenomenon has been studied and documented.  The theory is that when a group is competing and among this group there is an individual with superior talents, the rest of the group performs beneath their level.  Instead of trying their best, the rest of the group accept defeat and lose motivation.  This is called the superstar effect.

An example of this is Tiger Woods (prescandal) playing in a golf tournament.  His presence makes the other players in the tournament play worse.  However, this effect can occur in everyday situations.  Students who took the SAT in larger groups did worse on the exam. The sight of other students working earnestly on the exam seemed to make the challenge of the exam seem harder or insurmountable compared to the other test takers.

Once someone compares himself to others and focuses on a perceived result, he forgets about his own special purpose and talents.  Looking at other people makes an individual choke in the game of his life.  Why worry about the other guy, when you have your own soul and life purpose?  Instead, admire the other guy, and know he could never do the job you were created for.  Really, you are a superstar.

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