Sunday, May 1, 2011

Junk Food Gone Healthy

As growing research has shown the excess of salt, unnatural food dyes, artificial preservatives and artificial flavorings to be detrimental to our health, some food manufacturers are responding to the issues.  Frito Lay is removing monosodium glutamate, using natural food dyes and reducing sodium in many of their chips and snacks.  They are also starting to introduce natural flavors instead of artificial chemical flavorings. 

There is also new laws being proposed to limit advertising of junk foods that do not meet certain health guidelines to children.  Some companies are starting to consider reformulating their food products to meet the new guidelines.  Other companies are changing the way they advertise really unhealthy products to children in the hope that voluntary compliance may deter the need for an actual law.

People like me think this is progressive and helping to promote health.  Others feel the chips and snacks will be bland and not satisfying.  The debate will probably be solved by the bottom line - sales and profits.  As a mother, ayurvedic health practitioner and advocate of a healthy lifestyle, I applaud the effort.  People do, however, have a right to choose the type of foods they eat even if it is not healthy.  Frito Lay is simply giving people a choice.   I hope they are successful and propel other companies to make these kinds of changes.

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