Saturday, December 17, 2011

Can your Thoughts Change Your "Addiction?"

When someone's mouth waters for that donut or extra piece of cake, the extra saliva is a sign of physical addiction. The body is showing its need and desire for the food. Usually, when someone is physically addicted to food, they see the tempting food and feel powerless. The mouth salivates, addictive feelings follow and body sensations of a racing heart, sweating, hyperventilating and other uncomfortable symptoms come as well. A person can be addicted to drugs, alcohol, gambling, shopping and many other things.

What if your thoughts and attitude were bolstered in a positive way before seeing the object of desire? This may prevent the body from salivating and other bodily signs of craving. This hypothesis was supported by a study involving two groups. One group was told to recall a time when they felt powerless and the other group had no instructions. Both groups were shown images of cash. The group recalling a powerless time salivated more than the other group when they saw the money. In another experiment, men, who were instructed to think about dating attractive women, salivated over images of fancy sports cars while the control group did not.

Let's make this information useful. Try to think about something you are proud of or something you feel blessed with and have gratitude for. Take a couple minutes to create the image and feeling. Arm yourself with these positive thoughts before facing your craving weakness. Your mind is very powerful and it can affect how your body and spirit responds to challenges. We do not have to feel trapped, stuck or have our mouth water for things that are not good for us.

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